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Indoor meetings are held at the Anglian Water Fishing Lodge, Pitsford Reservoir, Holcot at 19:30.  Details of the site can be found here:

Our programme for the next few months is:


4th January  A trip to Ecuador. Chris Ward.

1st February  NBC Photographic Competition.

1st March  AGM and Birding in Israel. Mike Alibone.

5th April  A safari in Tanzania.  Paul Fuller.

3rd May  An Introduction to Waderquest.  Elis and Rick Simpson.

7th June   Looking for the Goshawk.  Conor Mark Jameson.
Conor tells the story of how his fascination for the ‘phantom of the forest’ turned into a quest across the UK and abroad, and a book, and what he found out along the way.
Conor Mark Jameson has worked in conservation for 25 years, and is the author of Silent Spring Revisited, Looking for the Goshawk, and Shrewdunnit: The Nature Files. He now lives in north Cambs.

5th July  Outdoor meeting at Pitsford Reservoir. 7pm walk from the Fishing Lodge in to the Scaldwell Bay and to the Bird Club Hide and return as led by Nick Parker. Quiz and mini-beasts at the lodge, hot drinks and biscuits as usual but no BBQ this year...

23rd July  Car Trip to Thursley Common

2nd August  'What are pet cats up to when they leave through the cat flap?'  Dr Becky Thomas.

Becky is a lecturer from Royal Holloway University, London. Her PhD research focused on the predatory behaviour of urban domestic cats and their impact on wild birds and other wildlife. The presentation will set the scene of how results were obtained, the reality of cat predation and explore opportunities to limit their impact as well as latest tracking research.

6th September  Northants Birds Part 2. Images of birds occurring in the county as photographed and presented by club member Bob Bullock.

24th September  Car Trip to the East Coast

4th October  Farming and Wildlife. Nicholas Watts MBE

Nicholas is a Lincolnshire farmer and ornithologist and his farm is full of wildlife. The talk explains why farmland birds are in decline and provides some answers about what can be done to reverse their decline with wildlife friendly farming methods.

1st November  Members' Evening. Four NBC members (Bob Bullock, Dave Jackson, Alan Coles and Neil McMahon) will present their own digital images, each presentation lasting 20 mins.

6th December  Chris Ward returns to present on the Birds of Queensland, Australia. The images relate to a three month trip 'down under' in 2016. This will be the first of two talks by Chris on his venture...


3rd January  Birds and Wildlife of the Gambia.  Dave Jackson

7th February  Club Photographic competition

7th March  'The Biking Birder'.  Gary Prescott.

As seen on Springwatch and various TV shows, Gary is the only birder to have visited every RSPB and WWT nature reserve and this he has done twice! Known as The Biking Birder, Gary has both the British and European Green Birding Year list records. In 2016 Gary cycled around the UK seeing over 300 different bird species.

4th April  Little Owl and friends.  Paul Riddle is an owl enthusiast from south Leicestershire who particularly enjoys photographing and supporting his local Little Owl population and other birds...

6th June  Elis and Rick Simpson from Waderquest return to provide a presentation entitled 'Plovers Lover's World of Delight'!  They will be talking about the species of plovers encountered in Europe and comparing them with birds occupying a similar niche in other parts of the world... This talk very much follows on from the very popular 'Introduction to Waderquest' presentation at the club in May 2017.


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