Photographic Competition Rules

Bird Club Digital Photographic Competition

The annual Bird Club Photographic Competition takes place on Wednesday 1st February 2017. Please read the rules below and send in your entries by the Christmas social on 13th December 2016. Photos can only be submitted in digital format (,jpg) on CD, DVD or memory stick. No email submissions will be accepted. Up to 3 photos can be submitted in any one category.

The Rules

An image will be rejected if in the opinion of the judge it appears the image has:
  • Been taken in such a way that Wildlife Law or animal welfare requirements may have been breached.
  • Protected species or habitats have been compromised or the image  has been taken in an irresponsible way.
If you are licensed to take images or visit areas which might otherwise be unlawful you should say and may be asked to see a license if required.

HDR images (compound images) will ONLY be allowed in Habitat/Landscape category.

Insects with wings raised and one or more limbs still located etc. will be placed into Other Invertebrates. Actual flying insects only will be placed in that category (Insects in Flight).

The original image must be available to the Judges if requested.

Whilst the following edits will be available, it is hoped that not all will be used, less is sometimes more. Also some edits are only available with RAW format.

ONLY accepted Edits include:

Cropping, Temperature/Tint, White Balance, Exposure, Shadows, Highlights, Blacks/Whites, Contrast, Clarity, Vibrance, Saturation, Noise Reduction, Sharpening, Chromatic abberation/fringing and in camera edits e.g. picture styles.

NON accepted edits:
  • Cloning of any sort including dust specks (these will be ignored)
  • Anything that may deceive the viewer from the original image.
  • Any image that uses stacking or HDR (except where mentioned)
The categories are as follows:

BRITISH BIRDS                                              Not taken in Northants.
BRITISH BIRDS IN FLIGHT                          Not taken in Northants.
NORTHANTS BIRDS                                    Taken in Northants only.
NORTHANTS BIRDS IN FLIGHT                Taken in Northants only.
FOREIGN BIRDS                                           Taken anywhere except UK.
FOREIGN BIRDS IN FLIGHT                         Taken anywhere except UK.
CAPTIONED PHOTO (not judged, can be any aspect of nature or the Bird Club, manipulation rules do not apply). Only 1 entry per person.

Judges retain the right to split/lump the categories in the event of large imbalances in the number of images submitted.

Up to 3 photos can be submitted in any one category.

Each image submitted per category must be a different species (eg not 3 x different Robin pictures for BRITISH BIRDS).

Images must have been taken in the calendar year of 2016.

Judges will award 1st, 2nd & 3rd for each category. There will be no joint awards but images may be commended.

IMAGES should be entered as a JPEG but will NOT be entered if larger than 1.5 Megabytes, they should NOT contain any text or borders.

PLEASE ensure that all images are properly cross referenced and named, giving subject name and location of capture.

Images may be resized for projection, no other edits will be carried out by the judges.

Please save each category in a separate folder on the medium as this will help make collation easier  you can deliver to John Showers at
103 Desborough Road, Rothwell, Northants, NN14 6JQ or hand in to a committee member by the closing date.

The Northants Bird Club reserves the right to publish any entries on its website and or its newsletter.

Closing date for entries - the Bird Club Social on 13th December 2016.


  1. Can a British Bird be taken in another country eg a Red-backed Shrike taken in Georgia and entered in the British Birds category?

  2. No. British Birds are for photos taken in the UK excluding Northants. Treat Eire as foreign.